I am not an interior decor expert but I am pretty sure I am not the first to imagine the different ways we would love to furnish our first homes or apartments. Personally I do not like things around my home to have one look or a noticeable and distinct theme. My key to decorating is to find pieces that just appeal to me and my personality and as these are put together, they mix and match to create a beautiful living space.

Just as in my everyday outfits, I tend to wear at least one statement piece and this should be the same for your home. Less is more and so the way in which the way in which to balance varying furniture is to go for colours that compliment each other. I enjoy neutrals such as whites, blacks, beige and cream. Using these simple colours as base colours. Base colours should be amoungst your big furniture items such as the couch and coffee table. When choosing a coffee table, dabble with the idea of going for a rustic, antique, or modern look. The coffee table is the center piece for any living room as it adds to the depth of any room.
Once you have decided on your base colours as well as whether you are leaning towards a rustic and or antique feel, it it time to decide on what you will use as your accents. Accents can be described as the brief pops of colour around a room that when put together, compliment a look in its entirety. Cushions, couch throws, vases and wall decor should be what carry your accents. All are replaceable and changeable from season to season and it is always great to have that sort of versatility in your home. The winter season may call for warm colours in an effort to dispel the aura of a cold room and during the summer time, you may decide on cooler colours suggesting a more relaxed and calm atmosphere. 

Using Polyvore I created a few looks that illustrate what I have been writing about...


A sofa is a big item in any lounge suite so picking out one is of the greatest importance (and super fun too)! Such a big piece should truly reflect your personality. It is the first thing your guests will see when entering your living and it is the one thing you will sit, sleep and eat on for many years. A sofa is an investment so always go for comfort. I love deep-seated couches that make a "phhhhh" as you collapse into it (hehe).

Genuine leather is a material you can never go wrong buy, especially the dark, chocolate-y tones. Sofas are complimented by the cushions you decide to dress them up with and if you have gone for a simple and solid sofa, think of a casual netted throw you can also use to dress it up. 


The next piece you should be thinking about is your coffee table. As is the sofa, the job of the coffee table is to bring the whole look of the living room together. Without one, any lounge would seem dull and empty. Opt for one that is sturdy and that has great character. I personally favour antique looking tables with tints of gold and a (preferably white) marble top.

Begin to experiment with ideas for side tables and end tables. Once again, you are not obligated to go by the book and get an actual table. Look towards chests and ottomans. A chest can serve as a storage unit and look pretty at the same time. Ottomans are great for resting your feet and a good magazine stand.

The rest after this is simple. Draw on inspiration when deciding on curtains as curtains frame your windows. When deciding on a rug, think of a solid colour but experience with textures, faux fur for example. 

I really enjoyed doing a home decor post. Its a big change and I will be sure to do more in the future. 

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