A Lush Love-Affair

It's a grey day in London so I thought I would prepare a good ol' cuppa along with a cheese scone and bring you a new post! I took a little field-trip into Kingston Saturday afternoon all for the purpose of hunting down local beauty spot LUSH. Lush deals in manufacturing freshly handmade cosmetics and the initial purpose for me looking for the store was to get my paws on their lip scrub that seems to have multiple beauty bloggers in a frenzy! 

Moreover, I seem to have developed a new found interest in skin care products so I have been working my way around several skin care brands to find some that give my skin the best natural feel and look. If you have combination skin like I do, you will find that the beauty products you use during the winter and during the summer are vastly different.
Since being in the United Kingdom, however, I have noticed that my skin has shifted toward the dryer side and it has become somewhat sensitive to changes in creams and face-washes that I used to use back when I was living in South Africa. So since I'm still sorting out what works best for me, I will do a detailed post on that in the near future. Enough rambling! Back to LUSHHHH...

So when I say I searched high and low, I literally mean I walked throughout Kingston's busier than ever town center until I found an adorable LUSH tucked away in the little marketplace. You know The Body Shop and it's captivating aromas that you begin to get a whiff of even from around the corner? Well, if you love TBS, you'll love LUSH. The aromas are INSANE but their displays of their products are even better. I should have captured the moment I touched one of these Easter egg looking gold deposit things but I got scared that I would be in trouble so I spent the next 10 minutes looking for "DO NOT TOUCH" signs but there were none. For mums out there, I also thought about how easy it would be to get your children ready for bathtime if they knew that they were going to be in the company of all these lovely looking bars of soap. Although, I d wonder if they are edible... 

Despite the busyness of the store, I did manage to pick up their Lip Scrub in Bubblegum oh and it smells (and tastes) absolutely exquisite! My intent to get this lip scrub was because I have been, for the better part of my young adulthood, a lipstick obsessed junkie! And now that spring is approaching (it should actually be in full force by now -__- ) I'll be whipping out the boldest of the boldest and the brightest of the brightest lipsticks. Now, because most of them are mattifying lipsticks, they require a soft and supple lips so that the product doesn't fall into the cracks and dry lines of your mouth! So, because mine have been really crusty lately, I thought I would invest  in this supposed miracle worker. And as a side note, it's important that after every exfoliation you rehydrate your lips and to do this I have chosen the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Intense Care (not pictured). 

Despite knowing that this actually works, I'm also a sucker for cute packaging so that may have been the primary reason for picking this little cutey up! This lip scrub retails for about 5,50GBP which I believe to fairly reasonably for products that are beauty luxuries. I believe for Lush stores to be everywhere in and around London, but if you can't find one near you, you're able to order all of their goodies here

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