Street Style, Food & Illamasqua

I thought I would do something a little different and share some pictures that show some of the stuff I've been getting up to while living here. A few are from my Instagram page so if you're already following me there, apologies for the spam!
Selfridges on Oxford Street advertising the Hello Beautiful Project :)
A place I tend to frequent on Oxford Street is Selfridges! It's ma-hooosive inside with a Shoe Gallery stocking everything from Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton to Office and Steve Madden. Ground floor is my playground as that's where most of the beauty products are stored. I went in on Wednesday and picked up the most absolute gorgeous coral lip "gloss" by Illamasqua. I actually think I might be switching over from MAC to Illamasqua because...well just because!
Inside the Shoe Gallery at Selfridges. Jimmy Choo and Prada an arms length away. 
Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid
All the walking around I do allows me to spot a number of people who's street-style I admire. As for Reece and Scott pictured below, I don't know if I was necessarily WOW'ed by what they were wearing but they did look really really good. Spotted: Kingston upon Thames 
Scott and Reece spotted in Kingston Upon Thames | Street Style
I also came across Faye just outside of King's Cross Station. I think it's rather obvious why I had to snap pictures of her! Faye describes her style to be a mixture of Goth, Girly Punk and Grunge. She said she loves experimenting with pastels too. 
Stylish Faye spotted at King's Cross.
I rarely take OOTD pictures but below I asked my sweet, sweet cousin for the favour. Fifty clicks later and I was finally happy with this one. I would like to do regular OOTD posts because I think people like to see that from bloggers but I gather I'm just too shy to take pictures in public. People look at you weird. I prefer to avoid that the feeling of cringe!
Me snapped in Sutton.
I also walked into the H&M on Oxford street and I just loved how the mannequins were put on display. It was in that moment that I realized what an important job visual merchandising has to be! The way a store is designed can either draw people in or deter them from entering at all. Once luring customers in, the next step is to make sure they want to stay inside and not merely browse but buy. This mannequin display had me feeling like I needed everything on the clothing racks! Seriously, well done H&M.
H&M mannequin display on the corner of Oxford street and Regent street. 
H&M is probably one of my favourite High Street stores. Always fun things going on in-store. 
Look forward to more Out-and-About Posts! I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one :)

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