Vlogging in Carnaby Street

Still a continuation of my #LondonSeries, I've decided to do a Vlog showing what I've been upto. I really enjoyed filming and I don't know why it has taken me so long to get into filming. One of my best mates, Kay, arrived in London this past Sunday so we decided that we would make a day of it. Considering it was her firstime in the city, I threw her head-first into the forever crowded and busy Oxford Street. Regent Street was closed off to vehicles because of the ma-hussive street party that was taking place! Carnaby was flooded with yummy street food vendors, pub-goers and mainly if not mostly, beautiful people! But just incase my words don't do the experience justice, I snapped a few pictures and filmed a vlog for you to enjoy!


Selfridges - Illmasqua
 Kensington, London
Regent Street, London
Carnaby Street Food Market
 For the love of Game of Thrones

P.S. I definitely plan to film more videos for you guys!

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