#BBlog Class with Amy Scheepers and Talya Goldberg

This past Saturday I attended the Better Blog Class (BBlogClass) hosted by popular South African bloggers Talya Goldberg and Amy Scheepers. Since returning from London, I've been trying my damndesto get involved in the local blogging scene. Cape Town's is rather exciting and shows potential for growing exponentially. So attending this event in particular allowed me the opportunity to network with other creatives in the industry. 

The class took place in Vida E Caffe- my new favourite coffee haven sans Starbucks- in the Boulevard Office Block in Woodstock. More or less 20 of us were in attendance which allowed for easy free and flowing conversation amongst ourselves as well as with Amy and Talya. 

Talya Goldberg and Amy Scheepers

The #BBLOGCLASS goodie-bags were also nothing short of amazing and the R550 ticket price was definitely value for money. If you're thinking about starting your own blog, such workshops are recommended as a quickie lesson on all things blogging.