Holy Grail Products for Summer

Summer is fast approaching in South Africa and when the warmer days come around, it becomes less and less possible to fully indulge in painting our faces for fear of it melting off! So... we have three options: 1) Lessen the amount of product we apply to our face 2) Seek out more products that aid in making sure our makeup stays put! 3) Or, don't wear makeup at all! If you're anything like me, the third option is no good for you, so! I've developed a solution that'll allow for what I believe to be a more than fair compromise. 

This summer will be about both lessening the amount of product we apply as well as taking extra precautionary measures to ensure our skin remains flawless and radiant beneath the foundations, blushes and powders. Before anything, however, it's importanto know that when it gets warmer, our skin tends to suffer far greater than it did during the winter. For some, the skin gets oilier, pores become larger and we in general become more likely to develop pimples, sun burn, and even dehydration.  Making sure that your face is well hydrated and cleansed before stepping out into the scorching sun should be first on your list. I am no dermatologist but it doesn'take a genius to know that underneath makeup application its advised to ensure that your skin is well looked after. Now, for the fun part! 

The majority of items in this post are products we put before we apply the actual makeup. Prepping and priming is vital when it comes to taking care of what our skin looks like beneath makeup. MAC Cosmetics is my go-to when it comes to choosing a brand that works. 

1.) MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage is phenomenal for applying all over your face. Apart from creating a parameter between your skin and which ever your choice of foundation is, your foundation will come off as flawless. My foundation of choice athe moment is Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation is shade 355 which was in fact my back-up for when my MAC Pro Longwear Foundation ran out. I haven't seen a need to revert back to my Pro Longwear because with a trustworthy primer, any foundation is often just as good.

2.) I'm not super big on eyeshadows but a decent neutrals palette never hurt anybody so before applying eyeshadow with the intent of making it last longer, I turn to a trusty eyeshadow base. In the same breathe, however, I don'think it's a product worth splurging on BUT purchasing a cheap product will do little if you expecto see a decent result. This is why I opted for one of the two eyeshadow bases which Inglot provides. In addition to ensuring your eyeshadow lasts longer, it's pigment (of the shadows) is much more vivid. If you already have MAC's Studio Finish Concealer in your foundation shade or even one shade lighter, that's also perfect as a base for your lids.

3.) Lancôme mascara's are justhe friggin' BOMB! I had my first experience with the Lancôme Baby Doll Lash Mascara when I was living in London and I immediately grew perplexed as to why I hadn't known of their mascara's sooner. Though my eyelashes are naturally curly, they aren't very long. And what girl doesn't love long lashes so as soon as I came to Cape Town, I decided to get my paws on the Lancôme Hypnose Drama mascara. And I'll be honest, I picked this one in particular because of the word "DRAMA". Ha! It just appealed to me and of course, it does the job so if you're in search of a damn decent mascara and don't mind the splurge, give Lancôme a try. This one in particular sells for R385 if I remember correctly. 

4.) Another must-have for this summer is a good highlight and my choice is the Prep and Prime Highlighter in Peach Lustre offered by MAC Cosmetics. Sleek Cosmetics offers a similar product which isn't a prep and prime but it certainly does do a phenomenal job of highlighting the high points of your face. 

5.) Stepping away slightly from the prepping and priming, I have a couple of lipsticks I've been loving of late. the Kylie Jenner lipstick convo has the Beauty Blogosphere in a bit of a frenzy so above, I have to nude lipsticks that I have that I have been wearing non-stop. I tend to pair these babies with MAC's Whirl Lip Pencil and the result is mauve and sultry! On some days, I have both lipsticks on athe same time - perhaps I oughto film a video where I show how I achieve the mauve lip look that's in this season. On the left is Honey Love and alongside it is Please Me both my MAC. 

6.) Last but certainly not least is a mineralizing powder. Mine is by MAC in the pigment Cajun and this has extremely subtle flecks of gold inside. It's absolutely great for achieving an understated glow for the summer while keeping your moisturized skin matte and sweat-proof. For application, a buffing brush or any big and puffy powder brush is ideal. Pictured above is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush which I just use for basically everything. 

Have an amazing summer!


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