This is my latest video and this time it's budget-friendly look featuring mostly Revlon products. I will have more in depth reviews about some of the other products not used in this video (as I received a lot) but for now, I thought that this would be fun for you guys.

This look is suitable for a night out on the town, or if you like a little bit of drama like me, it's for ANY day of the week! 

Review-wise, I was a fun of all except for one item I used for this look. That was the Revlon Highlighting Palette. This didn't work for me mainly because it wasn't flattering for my complexion. It was far too light. However, I will say that its pigmentation (as was the case with the eyeshadows and the blush) was really fantastic.

A product that was my favourite was the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. This foundation pleasantly surprised me. I've never used a whipped foundation before. The closest I've got is a mouse foundation which is commonly made by Maybelline and Yardley.

So, I loved this look because it was budget-friendly. The most expensive Revlon item used was the Colorstay Whipped Foundation which retails for about R239 at Red Square. On I did see it being sold for just under R200 so you may want to order it from there if you really want to keep this super budget-friendly.

I've got links to the products used should you wish to get your hands on them.

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