NEW - IN | MAC MSF Global Glow & Chestnut Lip Pencil

I've been trying out several highlighters of late. In my previous post, I did a GRWM Party look where I used the Revlon Highlighting Powder. I wasn't too fond of it, however, I had been hearing plenty of GOOD things about the MAC MSF (Mineralise Skin Finish) in Global Glow. I've seen hundreds of tutorials and seen thousands of pictures where this highlighter was the hero hence me not trying it on and purchasing it straight away! Eeek!

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Global Glow
 So this retails for R350 and is totally worth the SPLURGE. Compared to Bobbi Brown's highlighter which is R650 (gah!) I was more drawn to getting Global Glow by MAC. Stay glued to my instagram to see what this looks like on me. 

My next purchase today was the MAC Chestnut lip liner. 90s makeup has been trending throughout 2014 (thank you Kylie Jenner) but the look has turned slightly darker with deep browns taking over beauty campaigns and fashion shoots. Also, follow me on Instagram to see what Chestnut looks like. 
MAC Lip Liner Chestnut
MAC Lip Liner Chestnut
I've been using lip liners as "lipsticks" of late because they have incredible lasting power and I love the matte finish they give. I'm a sucker for matter lipsticks so I won on two counts. (YAY!)

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