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I am so happy that I heard about these brushes! For the longest time, I have been saving my pretty pennies in an effort to get my hands on the eye shadow brushes at MAC Cosmetics. Needless to say, they are overwhelmingly costly and although I do love my beauty products and while I am certain their quality is good, I'm pretty content passing up on R500 brushes.

Now, I've seen so many South African bloggers rave about the CALA makeup brushes. While I did get them a while ago, I only recently added to my collection and I therefore thought it appropriate to do a blog post. 

Disclaimer: This isn't the entire collection. I only bought eyeshadow brushes.

CALA Blending Brush (311), R29.95 - this brush is perfect for applying colour your transition colour and blending it out. I love the softness of this brush and it may be useful purchasing several so that you always have options when attempting different eyeshadow looks and colours. Another aspect I quite like is the thickness of the handle. Gripping the brush is easy allowing me to extend my hand and manipulate my wrist movements so that do all the necessary blending. The length of the bristles are a favourite as well allowing for light but effecting blending. 

CALA Eyeshadow Brush (506), R49.95 - this brush is great for gently packing on product into the crease area of my eye. It's size is just right to access the narrow region and soft enough so that it won't irritate. I also use it to apply pigment all over my lid if the look I'm going for is natural. 
CALA Shading Brush 505 (R39.95) - this brush I love when it comes to packing product onto my eyelid. For an everyday look, I enjoy using rose gold pigment from my Sleek i-Divine palette. It's a glittery eyeshadow so I love how this brush grabs a hold of all the sparkle I desire! The bristles are more short and compact so that all product is lifted from the pan and packed onto your eyelid.

CALA Eyeliner Brush (318), R24.95 - I'm a fan of gel liner so getting this brush was a no brainer for me. However, I have only ever used angled eyeliner brushes as they give me great precision but I'm guessing my lines will be more precise with this brush. FYI the gel liner I use is 77 Inglot Gel Liner. This is the blackest liner I have used any many beauty fiends have said the same :)
CALA Medium Shadow Brush (319), R29.95 - I would say that this brush is the softer, longer version of the CALA Shading Brush. I would definitely use this in the same manner except I do believe that the soft bristles encourage a natural eye look. I use this is apply brownish/golden tones when I'm attempting an effortless smokey eye.

Have you tried the CALA makeup brushes before?


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