#NAILFILES | The Nudes & The Pastels

I've been due for some new nail polishes for a while now! It's no surprise then that I turned to Essence in hopes of rekindling my obsession with nail colour. For months I've been sticking to soft winter whites or deep burgundy's but with so many beauty bloggers talking about Essence's new collections, I had to pop into Dis-Chem and have a look at the shades on offer. The Essence Nudes and Pastels nail polishes are SO CUTE! I couldn't resist popping at least three into my shopping basket. This is what I bought...

Hope For Love (07) The Nudes Collection, R34.95
This has to be my favourite of the three. It's a glossy, candy-like mauve shade. Dusty pinks and mauves are a big colour trend in beauty at the moment and personally, I'm obsessed. 
Pure Soul (05) The Nudes Collection, R34.95
This shade is a delightful neutral, perfect for me since for a long time I had gravitated towards whites.  Pure Soul, however, isn't a true white and carries a hint of organza. This is a winner because it's not your generic, dull nude. It's feminine yet subtle and totally work and evening appropriate,

I'm So Fluffy (03) The Pastels Collection, R34.95
Remember the adorable little girl in Despicable Me and her trademark saying, "IT'S SO FLUFFY!" Ha! This is what I was reminded of when I read the name of this nail polish. I love, love peachy corals- particularly during summer, but even though we're a couple of weeks into autumn, I couldn't resist making this one a keeper. When applying, I was a tad surprised that it dried semi-matte. I personally don't care too much for matte finishes so for this shade I would finish off with a clear top coat. 

Have you given any of Essence's new nail polish collections a try?


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