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I was given the Clarins Everlasting Foundation to review on Beauty Bulletin. You can watch that video here.

The Clarins Everlasting Foundation is one of three foundations I'm loving at the moment. Without getting into too much detail about the others, I'll go right ahead and share my thoughts about this one.

I'm not very familiar with Clarins products but I have only ever heard positive things. When we received the Everlasting Foundations in the Beauty Bulletin offices, I was ecstatic to try it out. Fortunately one of foundations sent to us was close enough to my shade.

I suffer from pigmentation along the sides of my face as well as a few spots below my eyes as a result of chicken-pox scaring. Considering these marks are quite prominent, I have never really bought a foundation with the sole purpose of disguising their presence. Over time I have grown used to them although I have never truly been bothered by them. With just two pumps, I am satisfied with the amount of coverage I achieve. I sometimes use an extra half-pump to further conceal the pigmentation on the sides of my face. If you're looking for a foundation that offers light to medium coverage with a natural finish then this one is for you.

Finish + Formula
As briefly touched on in the first point, the Clarins Everlasting Foundation offers an amazing natural finish. After application my skin looks flawless. I'm very impressed with the fact that it doesn't cake as the two pumps I press are quite generous. 

Its formula is incredibly light-weight leaving your skin feeling breathable and comfortable. According to Clarins, this foundation is enriched with nutritious and anti-ageing properties, specifically organic quinoa and the infusion of the Clarins anti-pollution complex. And of course for that sought-after matte finish, Clarins turns to Bamboo powder. 

I love the smell of this foundation. I don't believe I have ever considered the smell of colour cosmetics to be pleasant let alone exist but the fact that the Clarins Everlasting Foundation smells wonderful makes the application process that much more satisfying. 

Clarins Benefits
Clarins promises that their Everlasting Foundation will provide 18 hours of coverage as well as 18 hours of comfort. Longevity-wise, I am happy with the fact that, provided I've primed my face first, this foundation stays put throughout the work day. I consider it a bonus that this foundation is packed with anti-UV properties and an anti-pollution complex that help will reducing signs of ageing and loss of radiance respectively. 

Availability + Price
The Clarins Everlasting Foundation is already available in stores retailing for R415. With 17 shades available, one has plenty of options to choose from when purchasing. 

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