June has been such a busy month! So with the little down-time this Sunday evening 
has allowed me, I'm going to hit you up with another post (YAY for grammar!). I don't have problem skin (minus a few breakouts when I skip washing my face before bed) but these are products that work for me.  While I've dabbled with a few skincare brands, I've stuck with Garnier the longest. Neutrogena is also a close compadre of mine but more on her later ;)

Garnier Pure Active Make-up Remover Purifying Gel
Price: R75
Where to get it: Dis-Chem
My skin is dry and dehydrated so one of my biggest concerns is moisture. The first product I'm obsessed with is the Garnier Pure Active Make-up Remover Purifying Gel.  While it caters for sufferers of oily skin, the gel agent still leaves my face feeling plump while cleansed. It is perfume free, suitable to be used around the eyes and while it removes makeup, it also targets imperfections. Its most important quality is that it removes make-up including waterproof mascara and gel and liquid liners. On days when I've applied quite a bit of makeup, two pumps (two washes) are sufficient for me.The pump-for-product contraption allows me to control the amount of make-up remover gel I need. This one's definitely a winner and worth the buy!

Garnier Fresh Radiance Boosting Scrub
Price: R65
Where to get it: Dis-Chem
I absolutely adore this face wash. On days when my make-up application was heavy, I'll lightly wash my face with the Garnier Fresh Radiance Boosting Scrub after I have used the Garnier Pure Active Make-up Remover Purifying Gel. This gives my skin fresh and radiant boost in the mornings when I cannot be bothered with "trying" to look alive. It's enriched with Citrus and Moringa extracts, ingredients that bring about a phenomenal fresh fragrance as well. Moringa extract contains oxidant and purifying properties, perfect to rid your skin of dirt, soot and pollution picked up in our environments. I enjoy the feel of the exfoliating micro beads which unclog pores as well as the Citrus extract which is responsible for purification and revitalisation. 

Garnier Refreshing Toner
Price: R65
Where to get it: Dis-Chem
This is how I finish my cleansing my routine before applying moisturiser. The Garnier Refreshing Toner is perfect eliminates last traces of makeup and dirt build up, especially on days when you've given the Garnier Fresh Radiance Boosting Scrub a miss. I apply a liberal amount on a cotton pad and gently glide it over my skin, careful to avoid the eye area. Once again, it contains Moringa extract which helps fight against the presence of impurities and pollution accumulated throughout the day. I love how my skin feels after applying, refreshed and soft. A definite winner for me!

What does your cleansing routine entail?

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