I think I dip in and out of my phases with nail polishes. Currently, I'm dipped in so I'll write on the four I've been reaching for the most this winter. Yes- you could call these my favourites. Dusty mauves and deep purples have made the cut so let's have a look!

This was the first shade I bought as winter showed its first signs. I was searching for something dark, bold and brooding. Devil's Advocate fit the description. The shade is a very deep purple. After two coats you can basically call it black. I KNOW. 

At the rate I was going I was going to run out before winter came to an end. I then decided to invest in another....

I was going through a SERIOUS dusty mauve phase. No wait... I still am. Angora Cardi is a creamy deep dusty rose and is the perfect shade to wear throughout the year. It meets demure and dazzling right in the centre. Once you've accessorised with gorgeous rose gold mini rings you'll struggle to take your eyes off of your beautiful hands.

Yes yes yes! So this may be the first "nude" in the four I'm mentioning in the post. Taupey browns have been another shade I've been lusting after for the better part of 2015. It started with a couple of lipsticks and now I've taken it to my nails. I love Mink Muffs on a long, stiletto shaped nail. Nude shades on long nails still manage to keep the look classy while not being overwhelming.

And then I met her... I thought I knew what I wanted out of life until I found the prettiest nail colour to ever exist. No joke. I absolutely adore Ladylike. I have not been able to switch colours and normally I do about 2-3 times a week. It's an elegant, soft mauve shade that complements all complexions. Perfect for a first date, perfect for your wedding day and even the office, Ladylike is an all-rounder and has become a holy grail beauty product. LOVE!

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Is there an ESSIE nail polish you've loving this winter?

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