Most of us have combination skin meaning that different areas of our face require different types of attention. For instance, I have an oily T-zone thus it needs some deep pore cleansing to extract excess sebum. My cheeks are on the dry/dehydrated side so they need constant hydration and energizing. Some women are oily all over and are prone to breakouts while others crave brightening and hydrating treatments. The combinations are endless and this is why I love the concept of multi-masking! 

Because my T-zone produces more oil than any other part of my face, my pores in that area are more prone to clogging. What I need is a deep pore cleansing mask which will clear oil build-up as well as penetrate deeply to extract toxins. The trick is to look for products that carry the ingredient KOALIN. The one on my top shelf right now is the Neutrogena Long-Last Shine Control Cleanser/Mask (R75 at Dis-Chem). You can really extend your rand with this one because it doubles up as an everyday cleanser as well as an intense face mask. 

It's our cheeks that allow us to appear vibrant and youthful. Making sure they look and feel plump, hydrated and energized is the main focus here. You therefore need a mask that not only hydrates and energizes but also is good at clearing dark spots and pigmentation. My favourite right now is the Kiehl's Algae Masque (R475 at Kiehl's counters/Edgars). It contains ingredients that soothe and nourish like rich green algae, green tea, chamomile and calendula. After about 5 minutes it turns into a clear gel-like consistency and after about 10 minutes of having the mask on, your cheeks will feel super hydrated. This is also great for sensitive skins. 

Because our eyes are surrounded by the thinnest layer of skin, it is this area where we begin to show our first signs of ageing. It therefore requires a mask that will provide instant oxygen while also carrying anti-ageing benefits. My favourite for this are the Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks (R900/6 pack at Elemis counters/Edgars). These hydra-gel masks are enriched with a cocktail firming and lifting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which seals in moisture, padina pavonica which lifts and tightens and chlorella which firms, tones and brightens.

Have you given multi-masking a try? 

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