A couple of posts ago I touched on my all time favourite liquid lipsticks. At R260 a pop, one may argue that these aren't exactly "budget-friendly". Suffice it to say I was SUPER enthused when the L.A. Girl Matte Lip Pigments finally arrived in South Africa. They are a less expensive alternative at only R60 each (I KNOW).
However, don't run out and buy these thinking the formulas are the same. They are not. If you're picky about texture, longevity, cracking and peeling - prepare yourself. The colour pay off, however, is incredible and hey, who says you can't pop in the ladies for a quick touch-up? 

Anyway, some months ago I took advantage of the more than timely Dis-Chem 3 for 2 special so I purchased four of these pretties and got two for FREE :). Seriously, keep an eye out for 3 for 2 deals - they are a big help for product junkies (like me)! I also picked up Instinct quite recently. You can check me out wearing it on Instragram

I have to say my favourite in the group is Stunner followed by Dreamy (because nude-much?!) and then Black Currrent. Stunner has the greatest colour pay off without having you to go over your lips repeatedly. Although I love Dreamy, it did appear slightly patchy so I would suggest a great liner before applying and the same goes for Black Current. 

Have you tried these lippies out? Which one is your favourite?

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