If you've read a couple of my latest posts or watched my most recent videos you will know that I am all about skincare at the moment. However, while my face is being well looked after, is the rest of my body? The answer to that was a sad fat no until the Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Cream and Lotion arrived at my doorstep.

This new range by Vaseline is "the first ever daily, all-over-body lotion and cream that helps match uneven and discoloured areas." In fact, Dubai-based makeup artist Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty swears by it and I think I do too.

Issues like discoloured knees and patchy elbows are the result of a number of factors. Your cleansing routine, medication and even your diet all have an impact of the severity of discolouration and dark patches in different areas of your body. However, the most potent contributor to hyperpigmentation is the sun. The myth that Black skin doesn't need to be protected is just that - myth. Although we don't see signs of damaged skin like redness, it does not mean we are immune to it. Hyperpigmentation is a major concern for Black women and I am so happy that a brand dedicated to body care has come out with a range such as this.

The Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Cream and Lotion has been formulated with a cocktail of beneficial ingredients (Vitamin B3 and triple sunscreens) which are at the core of helping you achieve more radiant, natural, even toned skin. I have been using the Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Cream everyday for the past few days. I love the texture and if you love the thickness of the Nivea Moisturiser for Dry Skin, this won't be a very big leap for you.

Another key ingredient in this duo is Petroleum Jelly. In the form of micro-droplets, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is absorbed by the skin quickly largely due to its non-greasy moisturising formula.

Besides all these amazing benefits, it has left my skin feeling baby soft and plump. It doesn't help that its scent is addicting too.

The Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Cream is available in two sizes: 350ml for R36.99; 500ml R49.99.
The Vaseline Healthy Even Tone Lotion is available in two sizes: 200ml for R29.99; 400ml for R46.99.

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