#AMomentFor Glossier.

There a few international skincare and make-up brands I desperately wish were available in South Africa. Most of the time, one has to resort to online shopping but that of course doesn't come without import duty and unpleasant tax payments. One brand in particular, however, has caught my eye as it makes its way around international blog and magazine sites. 

Already a fan of Into The Gloss - a website dedicated to all things beauty - founder and CEO Emily Weiss decided to take her passion for beauty a step further by creating a collection of modern staples designed to reflect how you get ready every day. A line perfect for beauty conscious women wishing to enhance what they already have, Glossier. boasts amazing formulas to cleanse, soothe and groom effortlessly. 

The Glossier. Milk Jelly Cleanser for instance is a daily face wash you can use on dry skin to dissolve away make-up. Fitting in with the face oil cleansing trend, revealing cleansed, smooth skin would be easy and not feel like a chore. Also, the creamy gel formula sounds like dream as well as the fact that it won't leave skin feeling tight or dry, only healthy and soft.  

Another product on my radar is the Glossier. Mega Greens Galaxy Pack - a detoxing face mask made with simple, natural ingredients. Leaving skin with a velvety-matte (hey! hey!) clean finish, this face mask promises to balance and condition pores while also helping to calm inflammation. 

Then, I couldn't finish this post without having a look at what they had to offer in their make-up category. While it is only survived by one product, you can trust Glossier. to come out with the ultimate brow grooming product - Boy Brow. Honestly speaking, don't guys have the most gorgeous brows? Full, thick and fluffy! It's probably because they don't put them through half of what we do ours. Needless to say, the Glossier. Boy Brow is your brow gel replacement. Formulated with Beeswax and Carnauba Wax that will hold your brows in place, Oleic Acid will nourish and moisturise while the natural fatty substance Lecithin will provide a silky smooth texture along with a subtle sheen. This brow grooming pomade sounds like a keeper!

Is there an international beauty brand you're lusting after right now? Share with me below!

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