In 2015, there was a definite hike in the wests interest about Korean skincare. And, I can't blame them. You're hard pressed to find a Korean woman without hauntingly flawless and beautiful skin. It turns out, they value the humans largest organ (yes, I aced that Biology exam) by timelessly investing in its care with in-depth 10, 11 and even 12-step beauty routines. 

Scientifically advanced, charmingly packaged and surprisingly affordable, its no wonder the rest of the world has caught on. What does this mean for you? You won't have to drop dollar on an expensive airplane ticket to Seoul to experience their one-of-a-kind innovations. Tony Moly, a South Korean beauty company, having been around for over a decade, is finally available on South African shores. More specifically, online at BeautyByAngel.co.za

The online shop was kind enough to send me a bunch of Tony Moly skincare products to try. I will admit, I was a bit taken aback by the bazaar ingredients list - egg yolk and red wine - but nevertheless still eager to try!

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch
Price: R45 {Buy it here}
I am a big fan of eye masks, particularly for their collagen-boosting and anti-ageing properties but this one was a treat! Not your ordinary under-eye mask,  this eye sheet mask gives a workout to the lids as well as the sides (bye-bye crows feet)! As you know, our eye area is the most delicate - thinnest barrier of skin and all - so it's therefore important that it receives the most care. Gently formulated with bamboo water extracts, and niacin amide ingredients, the Panda's Dream Eye Patches brightens dull and dry skin while also providing deep hydration for a long length of time. I preferred using the sheet eye masks in the evening so that while I slept, the ingredients could work well without interruption.  If your main concern is dark circles and fine lines around the eye area, you have to give this one a go! 

Tony Moly Egg Pore Yolk Primer
Price: R160 {Buy it here}
An unexpected favourite out of the whole bunch had to be this primer. I detest egg in my daily diet so imagine the apprehension when I whipped this out. I was too nervous to even smell it! Well, it doesn't smell like egg at all (phew) and it smoothes skin like a dream! If you have large pores and bumpy areas you will be super pleased with the Egg Pore Yolk Primer. Prepping for makeup application, my skin was incredibly smooth. I generally deviate from silicon based primers because they tend to allow for makeup to slip and slide as the day wears on but I was thoroughly impressed with this one. The trick is to only apply this in areas where pores and bumpiness are most visible as opposed to your entire face. Truthfully, your face doesn't need all that extra product and you would be saving a whole lot of precious primer. 

Tony Moly Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes
Price: R85 {Buy it here}
How bad is the summer on your feet? I mean, open shoes cause the worst dryness and hardened calluses to build up. Not cute. So I am extra vigilant in making sure that my terrible-ten are well taken care of and by that I mean a good weekly scrub or soak. I never imagined that an exfoliating foot peel desperately needed to be added into the mix. Packed with beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera leaf extract, Rosehip fruit oil and Hollyhock root extract, these Magic Foot Peeling Shoes provide intense moisture to dehydrated feet. You will also think you've come from a day at the spa because components of hot spring water will help tired feet to relax. This foot peeling exfoliator was such a treat - I didn't want to touch the ground with them. I wish I had more of these stacked somewhere because using this once a month would be ideal. 

Tony Moly I'm Real Mask Sheet - Red Wine
Price: R65 {Buy it here}
Not one to shy away from a cheeky glass every so often, I was intrigued - a red wine mask? Hmmm.  I have tried my fair share of face masks but generally they tend to be composed of super common yet still hardworking ingredients. Sheet masks have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years and so my interest also shot up a few notches. I substituted my usual weekly multi-masking heroes for the Red Wine I'm Real Mask Sheet and I have to say that my skin loved the pick-me-up. Once again if pores are a main concern, this mask uses real red wine extracts and rosemary to address that while soothing jasmine and green tea extracts refine complexion for a healthy looking glow. In as little as 20 minutes the three-layer durable cotton sheet will allow for better absorption and deeper penetration of ingredients. I used this before putting my Panda's Dream Eye Patches to work so you can imagine the glow! After ending off my pamper session with my favourite serum, I moisturised and hit the hay!

What have you heard about Korean skincare? Keen to give it a bash? Share your thoughts below. 

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