Operation Rescue Bleached Extensions!

I never thought this day would come. The day where I bleached my hair extensions in an effort to produce some sort of ombre concoction. However, taking the plunge, I put my cherished Peruvian bundles in the hands of my hairdresser. The result? Phenomenal! Well at least I thought so (about the colour anyway.)

The big hesitation when it comes to bleaching hair is that the quality of your extensions can become severely compromised. And most of the time, you won't know whether the hair you purchased is complete rubbish until you've put it through its paces. But considering that I had had these particular extensions for about a year and a half, I figured what the hell and bleached them anyway.

After the "makeover", my extensions were SO dry. I began to panic. If my hair wasn't shedding before, it was certainly shedding now. The ends appeared super brittle and severely thinned out towards the end. But I anticipated this. It was, however, a bigger kick in the stomach when I discovered my favourite hair serum was on its last and final drop. 

Anyway, when I had time the following day, I reached for my trusted conditioner - Tresemme Salon Silk and co-washed my locks. This means, I didn't cleanse with a shampoo. Conditioners have their own cleansing properties and since my hair already received a wash after the bleaching process, I skipped shampooing altogether. Needless to say that this gem has never disappointed me! I allowed my hair to deep-condition for a good 30-40 minutes during which I made sure to gently brush through it with my favourite detangling tool, the Tangle Teezer. After a gentle rinse and some air drying, my extensions were restored to their beautiful, silky pre-bleached state.

When I mentioned that my favourite serum finished, its safe to say that I was devastated. The Kerastase Resitanse Serum Therapiste was a God-send! I loved it before I bleached my extensions and I loved it when I used the remaining product on my now brownish-blonde bundles. I meant to repurchase but happened upon the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Hair Oil while I worked at Beauty Bulletin. This alternative still did an amazing job at restoring ultimate softness and nourishment. It also restored shine to my extensions as well as reduced the appearance of split ends and breakage. 

I also decided that a trim would do my hair some good. Getting rid of some of the dead weight at the ends was a necessity. Not only because of the bleaching process but also because they were after all, more than a year old. The result was evenly thick, shiny and smooth hair throughout.

After my hair extensions have successfully been repaired, I go ahead with my usual routine which is to wash my hair every ten days or sooner if I feel I need it. When it comes to the hair oil, I apply that whenever I feel my hair could use it which is about two times a week.

How do you care for your hair extensions? Share below!

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