#FoundationFiles: MAC Studio Sculpt

My foundation collection keeps growing and growing so as I was sorting through it quite recently, I wondered why there was one in particular I hadn't tried yet. Peg it down to me being insatiable and a product junkie, I went out and got MAC Studio Sculpt, a foundation many - and now me - rave about.

Traipsing into Edgars, I made a beeline for the MAC counter and started searching for what would be my ideal match. Surprisingly NC50 was way too dark. Looking at NC45 I immediately figured it was too light so I opted for NW45 - quite darker than NC45 but lighter than NC50 but still a tad too dark for me *sigh* I spent the R400 it cost determining that my lighter concealer will eventually balance it out and give me the perfect tone. It did.

So did I like it? Yeah. I mean, I love creamy foundations that offer high coverage and allow for a flawless finish and this delivered as it promised. In fact, I liked it so much that I am thinking of purchasing NC45 as well so that I can blend the two together to achieve the perfect match for my complexion. 

Formula + Texture
For the longest time I had given up on MAC foundations because of their tendency to oxidise by lunch time. While my new favourite - MAC Studio Fix Fluid - doesn't work miracles, I've still found a way to make it work for me so I figured I would apply the same method with Studio Sculpt. This foundation has been created with a gel-based system so skin always feels hydrated. It's creamy in texture and provides a medium, build-able coverage with a natural satin finish. 

I love the fact that it is packaged in a tube. It almost feels as though I am depositing primer into my hand as opposed to another makeup product. The gel-base and presence of silicone provide understanding as to why MAC Studio Sculpt is indeed packaged the way it is. It's also the perfect low-fuss foundation to pop into your handbag without fear of the bottle cracking or dirtying up other parts of your bag. 

Once again this foundation is build-able so you can pack on more product allowing for a progression from medium coverage to full coverage. Although it is a smooth satin finish, I do find it a little too heavy for daytime so I opt to use it for a night out. Because most primers work with silicone and the pigments in the foundation are coated with silicone you're almost getting a product that is a 2-in-1. The result is a truly, flawless finish. I created this Valentine's make-up look using this foundation and I was super impressed with the result.
CLOSE-UP: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation; No Primer
If you're on the hunt for your next foundation and we have similar tastes in coverage, definitely give this one a try. The shade NW45 ended up being okay - not perfect - because it did match certain parts of my face. I am quite light in complexion around my cheek area but as you move towards the sides, I appear darker and thats where this foundation matched me perfectly. But then again, I would rather have a lighter foundation and use bronzer and blush to warm it up as opposed to a too dark foundation and have to add more heavy product like concealer to lighten it up. Either way I am definitely going to pick up NC45 so that I can mix the two together for a better match.

Have you tried MAC Studio Sculpt and what was your experience? 

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