My Nimue Skin Health Journey

Most people may know me as a closeted make-up hoarder, however, no amount of make-up can disguise uncared for skin. I'm currently going through a phase where I am sampling some of the best skincare products in an effort to correctly determine what my skin needs so that it can look and feel its best. As luck would have it, I was more than pleased when the Rubybox team offered to send me a hardworking skincare pack from Nimue Skin Technology.

What you're looking at is a Nimue Skincare Starter Kit. Out of four, I received this one is particular due to the Nimue diagnostics tool I used to determine my skin type. The types of skins were Hyperpigmented Skin, Environmentally Damaged Skin, Problematic Skin and Interactive Skin. 

My Interactive Skincare Starter Kit boasts an array of travel size products ranging from a 30ml Cleansing Gel Lite, a 30ml Conditioner Lite, a full-size SPF40 Professional sun protectant, a 30ml Exfoliating Enzyme as well as two 30ml Moisturisers. I was diagnosed to suit the Interactive Range because my skin experiences temporary sensitisations due to ill health (thanks pasta, chocolate and crazy hormonal imbalances), medication as well as stressed skin due to environmental damage.

Over the next few weeks, I will be putting this range to the test and I will return with a final review.

You can also take part in the Nimue Skin Health Journey by downloading the Nimue Skin Technology App  and subsequently purchasing the starter kit most suited to you. Each Nimue Skin Health Starter Kit is valued at R1760.

Which skincare products are you trialling at the moment? Let me know below!

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