How Does Fragrance Influence You?

For me, it dictates my mood;  my persona when I walk into a room. It represents familiarity; nostalgia, like when a few weeks ago I was approached by gentlemen saying my scent reminded him of his wife. 

For me, fragrance is an embodiment of my inner self: powerful, beautiful and confident. All woman. For me, fragrance represents someone who dares. Dares to be different, dares to entice, dares to seduce. It explains why we spray it mostly on our erogenous zones - the neck, the chest and the delicate wrist. 

Your fragrance is the last and final step taken to complete your look before stepping out of the front door. It's what a beautifully tied ribbon is to a gift; it's what a wedding band is to your engagement ring. For me, fragrance is the final accessory to my everyday ensemble, no matter the occasion. 

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So tell me ladies, how does fragrance influence you?

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