How To Achieve Beautiful Bouncy Curls!

I'm a Plane Jane. When it comes to hair, I tend to keep things very simple. Without extensions, you'll find me rocking a classic top knot, and with extensions it's very unlikely that I will add colour, curls or even a funky cut. Lately, however, I have been feeling somewhat experimental and I took it out on my much loved bundles of Peruvian hair!

I've been rocking this set of hair for just under two years. When I returned from studying abroad my lovely friend Kebone Moloko, owner of Nywella Virgin Hair Sew-Ins, gifted me with three bundles of Peruvian hair (18", 20" and 22"). Sleek, black and straight is how I received it and sleek, black and straight is how I rocked it. A few months later I decided I wanted to add a bit more length and volume so I purchased two more 26" bundles. Five bundles was installed on my head at one time and I freakin' loved it!

After about six months, summer came along and I really wanted to go lighter. Seeing that I had never dyed extensions previously nor worn any colour apart from the default 1B, I was petrified. Nevertheless I took my three initial bundles to my hairdresser and she bleached them. I loved the result so much so I decided to go back with my remaining two 26" bundles and bleach them too. 

The hair held together pretty well but I did find that chopping off the ends would do it some good. Medium blunt cuts were trending last summer so I trimmed a few inches off and with my now go-to hair care routine, my extensions are still doing great. 

Cut to this weekend when I was doing my usual round of Sunday Selfies. I really didn't like any of the pictures I took and it was because my straight hair was boring me. In an attempt to inject a little life into them, I grabbed my never before used curling tong, some Tresemme products and set to achieving beautiful bouncy curls!

You'll Need:
- A curling tong
- Heat defense spray
- Firm hold spray
- Wide tooth comb
- Detangling brush
- Hair clip

Step 1
Begin by detangling your hair right from root to ends. To minimize shedding, especially if your extensions are long, start brushing at the ends working your way up. My favourite brush for this is the Tangle Teezer.

Step 2
Section detangled hair from the bottom, one track at a time. Use a hair clip to hold whichever section you're not working with.

Step 3
Spray your heat defense spray the section you are about to curl and brush through it with your detangling brush once more.

Step 4
Grabbing a small piece of the sectioned hair, wrap it around the wand keeping it wrapped for 10 seconds before dropping the curl. 

Step 5
Repeat steps 2 - 4 until you reach the crown of your head. Finish off my spraying the firm hold spray all over your extensions and take the wide tooth comb and brush through your locks.

Are you a fan of curls? Let me know how you're rocking your hair this autumn/winter!

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