Final Review: Nimue Skin Technology Interactive Range

So, it's been just over a month since I began using the Nimue Skin Technology Interactive Range. Just a quick recap, I received this skincare sample starter kit to try from the Rubybox Team after having downloaded the Nimue Skin app and filled in a series of questions using the Nimue Skin Diagnostics Tool. My symptoms fell inline with those akin to hypersensitive or sensitised skin so I was sent the Interactive Range to try.   The starter kit arrived the following week with products suited to deal with skin prone to temporary sensitisation due to sickness, side effects from medication, stressed skin as well as skin with severe environmental damage as a result of pollution and the effects of global warming. 

Before going any further, it's important to establish a difference between sensitive skin and sensitised skin. Sensitive skin is found amongst people with higher levels of histamine in the body and lower levels of pigment as well as a thinner epidermal layer. This is commonly seen in people of Northern European descent*. Sensitised skin on the other hand, can affect anyone of any age, race or skin condition who has been exposed to environmental assault, product ingredients or chemicals*. And finally, hypersensitive skin is defined as the more extreme version of sensitive skin. Hypersensitive skin is skin that is hyper-reactive to different factors of varying harshness when sufferers come into contact with internal or external stressors such as extreme temperature, chemicals or UV rays**.

Now, do I believe I fall a part of this category? Not quite. I think that I would have been more suited to the Hyperpigmented Skin range. For the longest time my biggest concern has been uneven skin colour. Part of it is hereditary and the other is due to external factors such as UV rays and acne scaring. While my acne has never been severe, the picking of pimples that do pop up certainly hasn't helped. Nevertheless, I still put the Interactive Range to the test and this was my experience.

After doing a bit of research, I came across this helpful table found here. I got a better understanding of how I should be using this range and tried my best to follow it for optimal results.

Morning skincare routine using Nimue Skin Technology Interactive Range
Evening skincare routine using Nimue Skin Technology Interactive Range
Signs of skin irritation and sensitization develop in the form of pimples. Whether it's a new product I am trying out like a foundation with a high concentration of lavender in it, or a change in climate or simply a hormonal imbalance,  my skin counteracts with pimples. While such a skin condition is best treated with products that carry effective concentrations of Salicylic Acid (BHAs), this range helped to effectively treat against some of the symptoms.

The Cleansing Gel Lite and Conditioner Lite
I loved this duo! The Cleansing Gel Lite was a treat to use when it came to removing dirt, oil build-up and all traces of make-up. My combination skin means that I am dry around my cheeks and oily along my t-zone so I did not feel my outer most layer become excessively tight or dry post cleansing. The Conditioner Lite (not pictured below) came after cleansing and served to further hydrate and soothe the skin. I had never heard of a conditioner for skin before but needless to say this came in a bottle with a spray dispenser. It felt refreshing on my skin and I loved allowing it to settle in in preparation for the next step...

Nimue Cleansing Gel Lite 

The Exfoliating Enzyme
Cell renewal is an important part on anyone's journey to better, healthier looking skin. Dead skin cells play a major role in the dull and tired looking state of our skin causing us to also lack radiance. Thus, it is imperative that this dead skin sheds and this is done through exfoliation. I enjoyed using this exfoliating enzyme because it not only shed dead skin but it also promoted skin renewal. The result? My skins texture undoubtedly became more refined, smooth and radiant. Exfoliants also help prep the skin so that whatever products may follow such as serums, facial oils and moisturisers, can penetrate into the skin effectively.

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme
The Moisturiser Lite
This of course could be used both AM and PM. It felt wonderfully hydrating on the skin and improved my skins texture. For the long term, this moisturiser is also great for balancing the production of oil. Waking up the following morning, my skin would always feel supple, smooth and soft. I have come to love its texture and while I was given two samples, I dread the day that I will eventually run out.

SPF40 Sun Protectant
I am an avid promoter of sun protection so I was pleased that the starter kit came with a 100ml SPF40 sun protectant. I actually wrote a separate review on it so you can read it in this previous post. It protects against both harmful UVA and UVB rays and also acts as a great makeup base too. You can also count on it to protect against harmful visible signs of photo-ageing and free radicals. It also intensely moisturises and doesn't leave me with the typical grey-bluish film like most sunscreens do.

Download and use the Nimue Skin Diagnostics Tool for a prognosis on your skin condition and invest in one of these starter kits. They retail for about R1780 and are totally worth it!

*Dermalogica UK
**Eucerin UK
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