Easing Your Way Into Anti-Ageing Skincare

If there is one thing a woman should not compromise on, it's her skincare. I'm a sucker for nutrient-rich hydrating face creams and I just added these two to my arsenal. The new Clarins Multi-Active Day & Night duo go beyond simply moisturizing skin to keep it looking youthful and radiant but also work hard to visibly reduce the look of fine lines. If early signs of ageing are starting to become a concern, because let's face it - hectic days and short nights are a reality for most, then this may be the non-stop skincare duo you need.
Clarins Multi-Active Jour (All skin types)
Price: R630 50ml
Already a fan of the Clarins' Bright Plus range, their Brightening Day Lotion SPF20 was a favourite when starting my day so I knew I wouldn't disappointed with Multi-Active Jour. Post cleansing, toning and treating I reach for my new day cream and spread it generously and evenly all over my face. It has a slightly thicker consistency than most day creams I'm used to but this definitely was not a negative for me. I in fact found its formula to be of the same consistency (if not more thicker) than Multi-Active Nuit. It still is, however, very lightweight and melts into the skin comfortably. The key ingredient in Multi-Active Jour is Myrothamnus which is responsible for helping absorb the harmful effects of daily stress and subsequently allowing fine lines and wrinkles to become visibly smoothed and skin more toned. 

Onto the more cosmetic side of things, it comes in a beautiful pastel pink weighty glass jar. Although not ideal for travelling, you could always deposit a few ml's into a travel-friendly container. The cream itself is also a pastel pink hue complimented by a floral scent that envelops you upon twisting the plastic white and gold cap open. 

Clarins Multi-Active Nuit (Normal to combination skin)
Price: R670 50ml
A hardworking night cream is a must as our skin only truly repairs itself during our precious hours of sleep. Organic California poppy helps to revitalise and compensate for late nights and incidents of interrupted sleep so that skin is smooth and toned upon waking up. Its consistency is much more lightweight in comparison to other Clarins nighttime face creams I have tried. This, however, does not take away from the fact that a hyaluronic complex works to keep skin nourished and moisturised all throughout the night. Just like its counterpart, Multi-Active Nuit comes in a pastel blue weighty glass jar but the cream itself is ivory and is complimented by a more herbal than floral scent. 

If you have combination like me - a dry u-zone and oily t-zone - you'll be more than please with this dynamic duo. Although they can be purchased seperately, I would seriously encourage you to give both a hand and allow them to work hand-in-hand for optimal results. I think that this is the perfect set to have for women on-the-go concerned about first signs of ageing. If wrinkles and fine lines are already a nemesis of yours, I would suggest adding an anti-ageing serum to your routine. Try the Clarins Double Serum (R775).

Would you pick up the Clarins Multi-Active duo? Let me know in the comments below...

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